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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Headspace Bolton

Please Give Your Support To Local Community Projects in Bolton.

The Coronavirus health pandemic we face is a once in a generation event for us all and no-one could have fully prepared for this but there are things that we can do. Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that we can continue to support people who are vulnerable and will be very badly affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Headspace Bolton, funded by money raised  by Health Lottery North West, offers stand-up comedy training sessions led by comedy professionals for people affected by mental health issues. The project includes writing, performance and leadership skills as well as opportunities for regular performance. People come together for support and guidance, and to develop connections with each other.

Due to the Coronavirus health pandemic, the group stopped their physical sessions, and instead took their talents online, continuing the scriptwriting and planning improvisation sessions over Skype to include everyone who is self-isolating. They are also running online podcasting, scriptwriting and stand up and sketch writing courses for its members. They remain as determined as ever to ensure their members are supported

Ginny Allende-Cullen, Project Coordinator at Headspace Bolton, said: “Our members really appreciate the routine and human contact, which is so important to their wellbeing. It’s so important to continue as much as we can during this time. Anyone supporting The Health Lottery at this time, is helping groups like us who would otherwise be vulnerable.

On how the group are continuing in light of the government’s decision to stop all but essential activities, Ginny said: “One man who wasn't able to join the group previously, due to having pneumonia, is now able to join in online, and one woman who used to be a member but had to leave is now able to return as she has been unable to work after having to self-isolate. It also gives the opportunity for people who may not have had the courage to join at first, to now join in online."

John Hume, CEO of People’s Heath Trust which distributes money raised by The Health Lottery said: “This is a difficult time for local people and for the local charities which do an amazing job supporting them. Some are using technology and other methods to make sure people stay connected, but we know that as the virus gets worse, demand will increase greatly.

“We desperately need to be able to keep supporting local charities and the only way we can do this is if we receive more good causes money raised through The Health Lottery. So if you’re an existing customer- thank you for continuing to support and if you’re new to this, please consider supporting local charities by playing The Health Lottery.

Money raised by Health Lottery North West is continuing to support local projects and has raised over £10million in funds to support 317 projects to date in the region.

Through the money raised by the Health Lottery, we have supported disabled young people and adults, older people, people with autism and children and adults living in poverty. All of these groups are vulnerable right now. Many have very low incomes or are on zero-hours contracts or part-time work which is drying up in this crisis.

Many of these projects are needed more than ever at the moment. Many charities are staying open to support people in need and many are moving what they do online, to make sure that people remain connected and know they are cared for.

It may feel like we are powerless at the moment, but we are not. You can help by ensuring that you continue to support these good causes so that vulnerable people can get through this very difficult period.

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